Dear Speakers,

We have many registrations; and the conference promises to be a lot of fun

We’d like to make the following suggestions to ensure your talk is engaging ; and that the audience enjoys this !

1. Please send me your ppts by 10 November, 2013 so we can upload them to the laptop. This will help us to save time during the conference

2. Please stick to time ! Rajesh Jain, our Master of Ceremonies, is a very careful time manager, and will ensure we run on time.

3. Please tell stories

4. Please try to limit your ppt to 10 slides only.

5. Please keep the audience interest alive as ppts tend to get boring for them.

6. Please do not read your slides

7. Use a large font – have very little text

8. Use lots of graphics

9. Show examples

10. Use a Q and a format . Ask a question which is relevant to your audience – and then answer this

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