Mr. Nrip Nihalani

Product Management,
Plus91 Technologies



Nrip Nihalani is a Health Care Technology Evangelist. An advocate of using technology to improve Health care, he has implemented several systems related to Information Therapy, Informed Consents, Online Collaborative Patient Work Groups, Healthcare Social Media and Distributed Electronic Medical Records.

He has been a speaker and educator on various topics including Signal Processing, Wireless Technologies, Mobility, Information Therapy, Internet and Mobile use in Healthcare, Social Media in Healthcare, Open Source in Healthcare, Electronic Medical Records, Big Data, Healthcare Data Mining and Patient Record Digitization

He is the Director of Product Management at Plus91 Technologies. He also works with several NGO’s and Private Groups focused on Improved Information Therapy, Patient Safety, eHealth via EMR Adoption, Technology for Doctors and Telemedicine.

Nrip can be reached via Email at and on twitter via the handle @nrip

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