“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.- ― Kofi Annan

Health Literacy is a bridge from illness to wellness. Leaps in medical advances has left the common man far behind. He seems lost in the maze of complex medical terms and systems.Why is he unable to understand the names of diseases and medical conditions and associated issues which afflict him? These so-called ‘complexities’ come in way of of his receiving high quality medical care or to simply look after his general wellbeing. We cannot assume that he is not interested in being healthy. The answer is simple – there is a severe shortage of the best medicine called Health Literacy. Studies have shown that around 50% of the world’s population is ‘health illiterate’. This means that one out of 2 persons is unable to obtain, process, understand and to use that information to make good decisions about his health and medical care.

Health Education Library for People (HELP) has organized its 3rd Annual Conference. It is an attempt to highlight the issues faced in fighting health illiteracy. Putting Patients First Through Health Literacy will be an attempt to provide easy, practical solutions to the everyday problems faced by patients to navigate the complex Indian healthcare system in order to get better medical care. And the solutions will come from experts in the healthcare field – doctors, pharma companies, insurance companies and NGOs.

The half-day conference was followed by a half-day workshop on health literacy on the same topic.

Helen Osborne will present a keynote address and also lead a half-day workshop for physicians, other healthcare providers, and patients. Helen Osborne, M.Ed., OTR/L is the founder and president of Health Literacy Consulting based in Natick, Massachusetts. She is the founder of Health Literacy Month – a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about the importance of understandable health information. HELP will be celebrating the Health Literacy Month in India in October 2012, through various planned activities by involving key contributors from the healthcare field.

Master of Ceremonies:
Mr.Rajesh Jain
Dr.Nikhil Datar Health literacy and Patient Safety 10 .30 – 10.40
Ms.Hema Viswanathan Using Marketing to Promote Health Literacy in India 10.40 – 10.50
Dr.Anita Patil Deshmukh How PUKAR is Using “Barefoot Researchers” to Improve the Health of the People who live in Kaula Bandar.” 10.50 – 11.00
 Dr.Dilip Nadkarni                          Dr.Jaya BajajMr.P.RaoMs.Radhika Sachdev

Philipa Bragman

Engaging Patients with Videos and Songs, the Calm Sutra Way Improving Patient Care Through Online Health Information for Indian DoctorsEducating Patients About Cancer at JASCAP
Staying aware as patient’s attendant – dos and don’ts..Working for CHANGE: making health information accessible for people with learning disabilities
Keynote Address and Launch of Book Ms.Helen Osborne Putting Patients First Through Health Literacy – Keynote address 11.20 – 11.50
Dr.Aniruddha Malpani Deciphering Medical Gobbledygook: Promoting Health Literacy to Put Patients First 11.50 – 12.15pm
Panel Discussion
by Dr.Aniruddha Malpani
Dr.Medha Joshi Role of Health Libraries in Improving Health Literacy in India 12.15pm – 1.30pm
Mr.Harshad Kamdar Patient Advocacy to Improve Health Literacy
Dr.Mahesh Sharma Translating Materials for Patients – Challenges and Solutions
Ms.Radhika Sachdev How to speak up ! What every patient needs to know !
Mr.Manish Kumar Using Games to Promote Education about Health
Mr.Nrip Nihalani Using Technology to Remove Roadblocks in Health Literacy
Workshop 3.00pm – 5.00 pm Helen Osborne Communicating Your Health Message Using Plain Language, Metaphors, Stories and Visuals



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